CroNoMar has opened the door towards Norway for Croatian companies

2 new catamarans of 13,75m length have been successfully exported to Norway

Last week 2 new catamarans of 13,75m length have been successfully exported to Norway from Šibenik, built by the company NCP Groupa d.o.o.. The value of this exports is about 1.5 million EUR. This gives an impressive figure of 61 catamarans produced at Sibenik shipyard all for export. It is s important to mention that already now the šibenska company through intermediation of company. 

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Croatian Products on international maritime markets

High quality, delivery at time, after sale support, are just few of the factors that are positioning Marin Globe as a respectable company in sector of distribution of maritime equipment worldwide.

From its beginning, Marin Globe company is successfully presenting maritime equipment produced in Croatia to the international markets. Following the trends in maritime sector during last years, Marin Globe has adapted its activities both to the trend of serial and custom production fulfilling totally customer’s wishes and needs. 

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New deliveries from Tehnomont


New deliveries from Tehnomont opens route to new markets and customers

In collaboration with company CroNoMar a second vessel will be delivered from Pula shipyard Tehnomont for a Norwegian client

This June, in collaboration with company CroNoMar a 2nd vessel will be delivered from Pula shipyard Tehnomont for a Norwegian client. It is a service vessel which will be used on fish farms in Norway. Although the basic design was made by a Norwegian company, it is the quality, competitiveness, professionalism and experience of Croatian shipbuilders that were the key for getting the new contracts. Just to remind us, the first vessel of similar characteristics was built and...

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Successful cooperation with Adria Winch


Successful cooperation with Adria Winch

From the very beginning, the intention and goal CroNoMar is to connect Croatian and international companies and presentation of Croatian producers to foreign markets, primarily Norwegian.

Through development of the company and with sub contraction of new projects referring to the construction of vessels for the aquaculture sector, CroNoMarhas opened the way for new collaborations not only in the field of shipbuilding, but also in the distribution of maritime equipment.

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Uspješna 2015



​Značajniji iskorak napravljen je početkom 2015. godine kada su se aktivnosti tvrtke Marin Globe d.o.o. proširile i na zemlje dalekog istoka / A significant stepwas made in early 2015, when the activities of Marin Globe Ltd. have extended to countries of the Far East

Tvrtka Marin Globe d.o.o. osnovana je 2011. godine. Od tada do danas, poslovanje tvrtke temeljeno je na izvozu visoko kvalitetne brodske opreme proizvedene u Hrvatskoj. / The company Marin Globe Ltd. was established in 2011. Since then up to today the company's business is based on the export of high quality marine equipment produced in Croatia. 

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